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Jay S. Williams & Associates employs staff and associates that are insurance industry SIU experienced and amongst the best, most experienced and qualified independent insurance fraud experts available. You are hiring world class insurance fraud experts when you employ our firm to investigate your suspect claims.

  • Property & Casualty Claims Investigations
  • Detailed, Expert Fire Motive & Opportunity Investigations
  • Arson, Burglary, Theft & Fraud Claim Investigations
  • Fire Origin & Cause Investigations

  • Staged & Caused Auto Accident Investigations
  • Auto Fraud Claims & Medical Clinic Audits
  • Bodily Injury Fraud
  • Workers Compensation
  • Disability, Life, Accident & Health Claims
  • Surveillance

  • Expert Interviewers / Statements & Interviews
  • Litigation Support
  • General Liability, Slip & Fall
  • Foreign Objects in Food
  • Transportation / Cargo Theft Claims
  • Heavy Equipment Theft

  • Special Investigation Unit Expert Investigators
  • Photography & Evidence Collection
  • Examinations Under Oath
  • Expert Risk Control Services

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Jay S. Williams & Associates, Inc.
1921 W. Wilson Street
Suite A. 448, Batavia, IL 60510
Phone: 630-879-1963 | Toll Free: 1-877-321-0001 | Fax: 630-879-9153
IL License No. 117-001194
FL License No. A 2600039

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"Nice video, Jay. Thanks I am looking at the possibility of bringing on a larger volume of work your way."
-Tony, Director of Investigations.
"Jay, I just wanted to let you know that we settled the injury claim for $500. His total medical bills were $7,525. This is a great settlement and could not have been achieved without the investigation in to this case. Three passengers just dropped their claims due to the investigation and we did not pay any of the Property Damage."
-Colleen, Sr. Claims Representative
"Thank you for the anti-fraud plan and contract for SIU Services. Thank you Jay for all you have done for us! "
-Alexandra, Sr. Claims Representative

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